About Us

LicencePro started in The Netherlands in 2015. Now we are represented in a number of European countries and the UK. 

In the following countries you can already use our services: The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, the UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

The Netherlands

The European head office and our local branches are located in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands we are an established name, for users and resellers.

Started in Spain

The first franchise opened in Barcelona, Spain in 2019. After Spain, England, Belgium and others have also joined our formula.

At the moment two of our employees are responsible for attracting new franchisees for the other European countries every day.

Strategic Business Units

We provid tailor-made solutions within the budget and the legal possibilities. For on-premise as well as (hybrid) Cloud Solutions. 

LicencePro is your European partner.

2021 is coming!

In 2021, too, we have a number of objectives that we want to achieve. Including the development of our services, the franchise and our European coverage.

Join The LicencePro Franchise

For a number of European countries we are still looking for representation. Perhaps you are a candidate for this, or you know the right person or company. Make yourself heard!
Join Us

Att dela våran sida är att bry sig om Klimatet

Att dela våran sida hjälper andra att spara pengar men samtidigt så slipper du få klimatångest genom att inte göra det.  Dela sidan och känn dig nöjd med att du har gjort ditt bättre för Moder Natur för att våra Licnser är återanvända köper inte du så gör kanse nästa det Gör det lilla du kan för modernatur att dela denna sida mea andra. Tack för att du är Klimat Vänlig 
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